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Does anyone wish to see a chat feature added? So if you are online to this site and others are too we could ask questions in real time. The moderator of this board can do it in the features part of Ning.

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Chat has been added!
Thanks - Ray
Hey Ray,

I understand that you established this site. I'd be delighted to invite others to join us but not until the rubbish/ghost members are deleted. I assume that you are the ning administrator Therefore will you please do this?

Thanks Cher,
I've deleted over 400 fake users from the site now. We should be pretty clen and I have Ning wathcing for automated spam attempts.
Thanks for your feedback!
Thanks for doing that. It would be great to know what others did with their ovens over the 4th of July Weekend. Unfortunately, it is winter down here and WET so unless we put our oven in a shed I won't be using it for awhile.
Hi All - I am happy to add chat back if there is interest! Please let me kno!



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