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Tell us your favorite dough recipe or what's in your secret sauce.

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My pizza base recipe is really simple.

100g flour
70 ml water
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of yeast

200g of flour makes one pizza. Scale as I need.

1.5Kg   flour  (Blue Bag of Caputo Pizza 00)

1 ltr.    water (no Cl)

3 tbsp Active Dry Yeast

3 tbsp  Sugar

1/4 cup EVO  (leave out if making authentic Neapolitan Pizza)

3 tsp Salt

4 min. mix time @ #2 on Hobart 120

Should yield about ten 250 gm doughballs

Refrigerate overnight and use at ambient temperature next day.


1000 G Caputo 00 flour

660 G water

1/2 tsp. IDY

25 G Sea Salt


room temp rise 24 hr Min.

My latest dough recipe for 5 pies:

- 850g flour

- 550g filtered water

- 30g sea salt

- 60g "starter" (std bigga recipe)

- 1/4tsp yeast (optional)

Makes 5 300g dough balls.

The secret is in the preparation process. I use a KA mixer:

- add 40g flour, all water, salt, starter, yeast into mixer

- mix low just to bring materials all together

- cover and sit for 20m

- mix on low for 5m. after 5 m, start to slowly add remaining 210g of flour. At 6-7m mark, increase mixer to 1/3 max limit (mine tops at 10 so I set it to between 3-4).

- continue to add remaining flour. dough hook should continue to pull through the dough. when the dough starts to form a more firm ball, then stop adding flour.

- stop mixing and cover for 15-20m

- dump onto floured surface. hand kneed for 2-3m careful not to add more flour.

- let the dough rest 10m

- divide into 5x300g balls.

- i put each ball into a med size lightly oiled covered tupperware bowl then place in the refrigerator for use next day.

- remove dough from fridge 1-2 hours before use.



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