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What kind of breads are you baking? What type of flour are you using? Why? Where did you get it from? How do I make a flatbread?

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My flour changes but I tend to you use Pendelton Mills, Power Flour, General Mills-Big Loaf or Surpurlative.


this picture is made with Big Loaf, and uses the Tartine method.  In my AS 32x36, I can fit 9 loaves....  

We use Caputo Flours 25kg Red bag for breads and 25kg Blue bag for pizzas.  We learned to make a great rustic bread at the Stone Turtle School in Maine.  They have great weekend classes for wood fired oven users.  We also took the C.I.A. Artisan Bread Course and learned quite a few tricks to make things easier.  Highly suggest either for serious bread bakers. The C.I.A. course was for home kitchen ovens but used a large commercial oven to bake off.  


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