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Hello. Although I do not yet own a wood oven I hope I can be a member of this group. Currently I bake artisan breads at home (example below) and have made slow-rise pizza dough as well). I want to build an horno or earth oven for our back yard, so I am investigating the different types that exist. I am in NE Ohio and don't want to spend an arm and a leg on this project, but I do want this oven to be aesthetically attractive and to be able to hold heat for many hours of baking at a time. I hope to learn about the types of ovens you all have built and well you like them. And of course I am excited to see what you have all baked in them.


Allison: I have been baking breads for many years. I just finished building a wood-fired oven last month and have baked several batches of bread in it. There is some learning how to fire the oven, how to time the bread to be ready when the oven is ready and at what oven temperatures to put the bread into the oven. The oven spring is great. Here is an attached photo of my first loaves from the oven. Also a photo of the oven.


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